The Administrative headquarters of the company is located just off the M25 at Rickmansworth. All of the companies’ procurement, sales, and marketing are Operated from Head Office.

The Head Office has easy access to the UK’s national motorway network. Produce is stored in several depots across the Southern half of Britain. Each of the storage sites has been chosen to suit the produce contained within it.


North West London

The reception and handling of airfreight cargos and some European road transported products. This enables all airfreight to be held close to its arrival point, and distributed from there to its customers.

This suits both the rapid collection from the airport at LHR and meets the marketing needs of Unifruit as rapid delivery to customers.



long term storage of high bulk dry products e.g. Garlic, sweet potatoes and butternut squash. Each of these major products arrives in large volume by sea container.

To ensure the safe handling this is delivered to a large storage facility near Boston which has the advantage of a relatively short distance from the arrival port Felixstowe and is close to a number of major produce distribution hubs. This makes national distribution straight forward particularly to Ireland, Scotland and the North of England.



Within close proximity to arrival ports and so like Lincolnshire are used as storage and distribution for arrivals.

They both have good transport links across the UK but especially across the south of England.