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Asparagus is a spring flowering perennial vegetable. It is native to most of Europe, North Africa and Asia. Today the majority of crops are grown in China and North/South America. The 2 centres vital to world supplies are Peru and Mexico who together ensure a year round supply of the crop for most of the importing nations of the world. The delicate stems are havested in the early and coolest part of the day, chilled washed , graded trimmed and packed. they are then held at 0 degrees for as long as possible before sale to the customer. The most flavoursome part and tenderest is the tip of a spear.

Packs Available Daily:

Jumbo 1 x 454g x 5kg
Extra large 11 x 454g x 5kg
Large 20 x 250g x 5kg/11 x 454g
Tips 10 x 100g x 1kg in OW black punnets

Outside of the UK season daily flights ensure fresh high quality stock is available at all times.
Most configurations of packs can be arranged for individual customers on request, however a complete program for a season is required for special packing
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